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Metal Barns

An ideal storage space for farming equipment, supplies and livestock, as a horse barn, or as a general storage building. They can be designed with “farm charm” using a large array of color options and customization options, enhancing the value or your property for years to come.

FREE Delivery and Install 

FREE delivery & install within 200 miles of Ronnie Rhoda Storage Solutions locations 


Our convenient purchasing options allow you to pay for your building at the time of purchase or to make monthly payments through our rent to own program. Our low monthly rental rates are comparable to mini-warehousing rates. Our no-strings plan allows you to have your own storage facility at your home or business, when and where you need it.

No Strings

The rental agreement is on a month-to-month basis, meaning you have the flexibility to turn in the building at any time, for any reason.

Early Payoff

Payoff anytime with no penalty. There is also a discount off the rental balance for those who pay off early. See dealer for details.

Instant Approval

Everyone is approved. There are no credit checks, so your score remains unaffected.

Roof Types 

Complete your custom metal barn with a roof style that can stand up to your local climate and suits your specific needs. When choosing the right roof style, it’s important to consider the specific area you plan to locate your structure and whether you can expect some snow load or harsh weather, or even the types of trees nearby and the debris they may drop. All roof styles can be certified for structural integrity.

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A Vertical roof-style has the BEST long-term value and is ideal for protecting vehicles and equipment from weather elements. Along with having an attractive and traditional roof line with an eave, the roof panels and ribs run parallel to the slope, creating more efficient drainage and preventing snow load or debris build-up. Steel hat channel is utilized under the roof panels and adds strength to the structure. Vertical style roofs have 4-6″ of overhang and are finished with boxed trim on all sides. 

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Boxed-eave (or “A-frame”) roof styles create a more traditional and attractive roof line for your carport or metal structure with only a modest increase in price. The roof panels run perpendicular to the roof slope, so they’re better for warmer and drier climates that don’t require maximum drainage due to harsh weather. Metal Buildings with a Boxed Eave roof also provide 4-6″ of overhang on the sides that are finished with boxed trim.


A Regular roof style on your metal building can provide the protection you need for your vehicles or equipment at an affordable price and in a variety of sizes. Rather than the roof extending out to form an eave on the sides, the ends of each truss are curved downward, which provides additional height without the cost of purchasing taller posts. They are curved around the frame at the corners which provides additional coverage and protection  from the weather.

Barn Styles 


The Summit prefab metal barn is a cost-effective option that features the regular roof profile with horizontal metal panel orientation. Rather than the roof extending out to form an eave on the sides, the ends of each steel roof truss are curved downward, providing additional and height without the cost of purchasing taller steel posts.

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The Apex metal barn (sometimes known as a “monitor” style barn) features a taller center section and lower lean-to sides that all feature boxed eaves with horizontal roofing panels as standard. With 4-6″ of overhand on the sides and ends, the boxed-eave (or “A-frame”) roof style creates a more traditional and attractive roof line for your metal barn. 

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The Pinnacle metal barn has a continuous roof line that runs from the peak of the center section to the outsides of each lean-to and has 4-6″ of overhang on each eave and on the ends. The one-piece welded roof trusses make this metal barn the strongest of all the options, making it ideal for areas that are prone to high winds and snow loads. 

Exceptional Standard Features 

  • From 12′ to 30' wide

  • From 20′ to any length

  • From 6′ to 16′ side height

  • 14-gauge steel framing

  • 29-gauge metal roof panels

  • Full bracing (1 per post) on 8’ and taller or 22’ and wider sizes (unless gabled or closed ends)

  • Certification is automatic if installed on ground, concrete or asphalt, Certification excluded for wood foundations

Size Options

  • 12×20

  • 12×25

  • 12×30

  • 12×35

  • 12×40

  • 18×20

  • 18×25

  • 18×30

  • 18×35

  • 18×40

  • 20×20

  • 20×25

  • 20×30

  • 20×35

  • 20×40

  • 22×20

  • 22×25

  • 22×30

  • 22×35

  • 22×40

  • 24×20

  • 24×25

  • 24×30

  • 24×35

  • 24×40

  • 26×20

  • 26×25

  • 26×30

  • 26×35

  • 26×40

  • 28×20

  • 28×25

  • 28×30

  • 28×35

  • 28×40

  • 30×20

  • 30×25

  • 30×30

  • 30×35

  • 30×40

Brilliant-White-MAX-scaled (1).jpg

Brilliant White


Brite Red


Alamo White






Rustic Red



Burnished-Slate-MAX-scaled (1).jpg

Burnished Slate




Ash Grey


Fern Green


Gallery Blue


Pewter Grey




Light Stone

Taupe-MAX-scaled (1).jpg





Ocean Blue

Design Your Own Dream Building

Make your metal building, horse barn, or carport uniquely yours. Use our online 3D builder to customize the style, dimensions, color, and all the upgrades you want. 

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